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I write because I enjoy doing so, and I write for a variety of purposes. I hope to help simplify and enrich my reader’s lives; I hope to support educators in their classrooms. I have firsthand experience on most all topics I write about, but I am not a medical professional and my content is for informational purposes only. This site does not provide medical advice. We do not have a physician-patient relationship. Any medical/nutritional advice written about should not and cannot substitute for professional medical advice, treatment, or diagnosis. If you have a medical condition, please consult a qualified health professional. Please don’t delay getting advice or ignoring advice from a medical professional because of something stated on this site. 

All opinions and views here are my own and don’t represent anyone or anything else from my past, present, or future. I reserve the right to maintain and/or change the focus of this blog. Additionally, my opinions may change on certain topics as I gain more experiences and knowledge throughout life. The content of this blog is correct to the best of my knowledge, but there may be mistakes, errors, or omissions. While I wish everyone only said positive, uplifting comments, I can’t guarantee that will happen here. I can’t be held liable for what people comment. I do reserve the right to delete comments to protect my readers from offensive material. 

Although I recommend products, they may not be right for you. I am not liable for things bought that do not work well for you. If you do follow any advice on this website, I am also not liable for whatever may happen to you.

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. I get commissions for purchases made through Amazon links in some of my posts. 

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