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Let’s use “Home” Words to Learn More English!

The topic of “home” falls into this ESL newcomer curriculum as Unit 7, and I especially love this unit because we get into lots of prepositions and talk about past tense verbs, which can be challenging for ESL students! The flashcard set includes nouns, verbs, and prepositions. Then, for every practice worksheet, there is some kind of enrichment activity. This could be a slideshow where students partner up to practice speaking, a board game, an activity on Google Classroom, or playing Quizizz or Kahoot.

Right off the bat, students review comparative and superlative adjectives. These are heavily focused on in Unit 6 over Family words, so if your students haven’t been introduced to this, it might work best to start there. After comparative and superlative adjectives, students learn for the first time demonstrative adjectives (this, that, these, those). We also spend a lot of time on object nouns and pronouns. I’m not going to lie… object pronouns seem to always challenge my students, but they can master it by summative testing time!

After that, we learn and practice prepositions by identifying where objects are in rooms, and students create a floor plan of their houses using prepositions. A review of the simple present tense comes next, and I couldn’t resist introducing phrasal verbs. With words like “wake up,” “turn off,” and “pick up,” it was just too perfect not to teach.

To conclude the unit, there is a present tense/past tense verb word sort to introduce the different rules of past tense verbs. We practice these by doing the sort multiple days, a worksheet, and Quizlet. As per usual, this unit also includes a fluency reading and bell work for every day of the unit. This is a five week unit. I personally use it in a block schedule with 80 minute periods, but you can adapt it to fit your needs of course!

Please visit my TPT store for more specific information on this unit; it’s a fun one to teach. As always, if you choose to buy, I would love your feedback. Always feel free to reach out at


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